Multi-function electric cutting machine

$210 $329

It offers the long-lasting power of an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. With a 45-degree bevel angle range, this jigsaw can cut through materials such as wood, aluminum, and steel with ease.Compact and lightweight, this jigsaw gets the job done without weighing you down. Designed for aggressive performance, the GOODSMANN 18-Volt Lithium-Ion powered brushless, cordless angle grinder is ideal for contractors, welders, fabricators, masons, and other tradesmen whose work includes grinding, metal cutting, and polishing


  1. Higher configuration-Upgrade industrial grade, three-speed lifting knife, one-button tool change, 6 gear speed regulation.
  2. High power-710W, high performance copper wire motor.
  3. Laser assisted function-Improve the precision of cutting.
  4. 6 gear speed regulation-Easy control of speed, 1(Saw plastic), 2-3(Saw aluminum), 3-4(Saw stainless steel), 4-6(Saw steel plate), 5-6(Saw timber).
  5. Three-speed lifting knife-0(Straight line cutting), 1(Small curve cutting), 2(Medium curve cutting), 3(Large curve cutting).
  6. Base plate installation-Easy install and easy to use.

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