Household small multi-function portable desktop carpenter woodworking tools / electric plane planer

$278 $389

Product name: Electric planer

Color: Blue

Weight: Paper pack-ups-3.3kg; Tool box packaging: 4.3kg

Material: Engineering plastic case-1100W full copper motor

Power: 50HZ-220V

Speed: 13000R/MIN high speed

It's time to choose a good electric planer! Easily say goodbye to heavy physical activity. A multi-purpose machine for fast and accurate planing of large-area plates. High temperature resistant copper motor for a variety of harsh environments. 0-2 MM planing depth for precise planing. The straight planing guide ruler makes the straight line easy. High toughness belt to prevent motor overload. The soft rubber wraps the handle, which feels good and is not easy to fatigue. The dust bag is designed to automatically collect wood chips.



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