German industrial grade 26V hand drill

$279 $399

Home multi-function hand drill is powerful, wide range of applications, it is perfect for drilling holes in wood, metal and plastic, and driving screws to fasten a variety of material. Speed can be adjusted according to different situations. Schematic explanation of lithium drill function, just for the customer to enjoy a more comfortable experience.


(1)18V two-speed one electric, one plastic filling box+accessories;

(2)26V double speed one electric, one plastic filling box+accessories.


  1. Double bearing bold gear-Center hole canter, bold gear strength is more durable and powerful, double bearing design, high punching efficiency.
  2. Strong motor-Full copper motor, high quality copper core motor power.
  3. Muti-range adjustment-15-speed torque adjustment, the torque can be adjusted according to the work demand, drilling brick, drilling tiles, drilling wood, tighten the screws, drill steel plate,etc.
  4. High-strength steel collet-Intelligent rotation, faster rotation, strong horsepower and higher drilling results.
  5. Multiple protection- Splash-proof and waterproof. Don’t be afraid of working in the rainy days. Internal waterproof structure.
  6. Two-speed adjustment-1st gear for high speed, used for flat holes, drilling, etc. 2 files for low speed, suitable for screws disassembly and other projects. Gear adjustment to meet different jobs.
  7. Sufficient battery-Long-lasting power and a new generation of battery control circuits, always safe.

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