Home multi-function hand drill

$210 $399

Home multi-function hand drill is powerful, wide range of applications, it is perfect for drilling holes in wood, metal and plastic, and driving screws to fasten a variety of material. Speed can be adjusted according to different situations. Also comes with led lights, so you can always use it anytime, anywhere.


(1)12V Two Speed;

(2)16.8V Two Speed


  1. Sufficient battery-Long lasting electricity with lithium battery, don’t worry about long time use.
  2. Multiple uses-It performed very well on top of wall perforation, door installation, shelf installation, curtain installation, table installation, hook installation, etc.
  3. Intuitive digital display and LED lighting-Integrated LCD display on the back, working situation is clear, working status automatically turns on the LED.
  4. Multiple varieties, more choices-Furniture assembly 12V, home renovation 16.8V, strong power 25V.
  5. Work handily-one button forward and reverse, easy to assembly and disassemble. Double bearing system-more powerful, longer lasting and more stable.
  6. Multiple protection- Dust-proof and waterproof. Don’t be afraid of working in the rainy days. Internal waterproof structure.
  7. 19+1 Torque adjustment-Choose the right gear position according to the job requirements. The speed is controlled by you.

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