Multi-function trimming machine universal treasure tool

$239 $429

This tool can cut, grout, and sand, and those are only the jobs you can do with the included woodcutting and sanding accessories. You can attach many others to this tool, both from Milwaukee and from competing brands that produce multi tools. There is enough speed adjustability that you can handle intense cutting jobs and delicate polishing jobs within seconds of each other. Fast work is especially possible with the help of the tool-free accessory changing ability. Couple these features with the rubber grip found on the handle, and you won’t even realize that you’ve been working all day with the comfort it affords you. Of course, this tool also boasts the more common, but no less useful. All of these abilities work together to provide a jobsite experience like no other. You’ll be ready for nearly any obstacle found on or off the job.

Includes: (1)300W standard accessories; (2)300W woodworking accessories.


  1. Universal interface-Adapt to various brands of mainstream brands.
  2. Double handle grip-For the user to consider the left and right, can be installed handle, more user-friendly.
  3. Six-speed shift adjustment-Adjust output power easily. According to different operations, the gear can be adjusted, and it is easy to use when working.
  4. Quick change of saw blade-Save time and effort. Fastening process and changing parts are more convenient.
  5. Meet all your needs-Wood cutting, Wood opening, PVC cutting, Iron nail cutting,wood matte polishing, metal matte polishing, cement slurry honing, grout removal, wall covering cleaning, floor covering cleaning, etc.
  6. High quality-Quality assurance, brand guarantee.

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