Multi-function rivet gun head

$199 $329

Cordless and power tool rivet nut setters can be hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars. Instead of paying for a cordless tool, which you likely already own, it uses an adaptable design to set rivet nuts quicker, and with increased access and less effort. Installation method: Select the proper gear of the electric drill. Install the rivet nut gun and foreward to clamp firmly. When you hear "da da da", the screws can be inserted into the nozzle.


  1. Three-jaw clip-Strong bite force, 360 design more fit. Three-piece structure, not easy to get stuck.
  2. Suitable for all walks of life-Car assembly and modification, machine manufacturing, shipbuilding, door and window manufacturing, etc.
  3. Alloy forging-High hardness, durable. High hardness hexagonal connecting rod, drill clamp is stable. Can connect a variety of electric drills.
  4. Special shape design-Sub-handle design for comfortable grip.
  5. Built-in multiple accessories-Suitable for a variety of rivets.
  6. Rivet gun adapter-More labor-saving than manual, more convenient pneumatic.

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