Mini Electric Drill,all kinds of trouble to solve one by one.

$129 $229

The electric drill is very mini and light weight, which is suitable to carry around. Equipped with the necessary accessories, it allows you to drill, cut, polish, carving in wood, metal, plastic and other materials. This kit is ideal for a Wide Variety of Around-the-House and Crafting Projects Compact, lightweight, and comfortable to handle and hold. It is ideal for any home improvement or crafting job you can dream up, can be used with all SPTA rotary tool attachments and accessories ,is ideal for DIY projects, can be used around the home, in the workshop, or at the jobsite.

Includes: (1)mall electric drill+accessories


  1. Full copper thick wall chuck-All copper chuck, chuck is precise and durable, concentricity is high, speed is stable and durable. The climbing range is 0.3-3.2MM, and the spindle clamping is convenient for replacing the drill bit.
  2. Design of grooves switch-The groove type power switch is designed to effectively avoid accidental impact on the normal work when working.
  3. Design of heat dissipation hole-Hollywood cooling hole design, effectively emitting heat generated by motor operation. Lengthening the life of clicks and durable.
  4. Spliced power line-Non integral power cord, easy to accept when not in use. Connect the fuselage with the power supply when used. The connection between the fuselage and the power cord is needed when the power is cut off.
  5. Small grip comfort-The surface texture of the fuselage is effective in preventing slippage and lightness. It is easy to operate as easily and freely as writing.
  6. Polishing grinding-Suitable for polishing, polishing ironing, stone, wood, jade and so on.
  7. Fast cutting-Low hardness of wood, plastic, and so on. And the cutting of thin articles.



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